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Thank you so much, your products are awesome. I personally have had a lot of comments on the Seasonal Clearing. Our customers say it is the most effective and they would highly reccomend it to other people. So again thank you.                                                    

Katie Rynes, Wellness Manager, Viroqua Food Coop, Viroqua, WI


Herbal remedies with a purpose, as Camilla from California says, "Wanted you to know I have been giving your facial cream as gifts especially to my friends in the skin care industry. We are loving it!!


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    Cholesterol Blog  ~ Part I Cholesterol Blog ~ Part II ~ Foods and Herbs Headaches
    Cholesterol Blog ~ Part ICholesterol Blog ~ Part II ~ Foods and HerbsHeadaches

     Cholesterol can be maintained naturally

     The healthy way to combat cholesterol and win!!

    Some suggestions as to the source of headaches and how to fix them with the use of herbs.




    Simply 'Bee' Natural Happy Ears Simply 'Bee' Natural Cough Tonic Simply 'Bee' Natural Virus Away
    Simply 'Bee' Natural Happy EarsSimply 'Bee' Natural Lung TonicSimply 'Bee' Natural Immune Support

    Herbal support for ears*

    Herbal expectorants and demulcents for support of the lungs.  Lung Tonic for herbal lung support*

    Herbal support for the adult and adolescence immune health*




    A great natural lip balm, the best on the market! Soothes cracked dry lips while adding moisture for those soft kissable lips. Simply 'Bee' Natural Children's Immune Support Simply 'Bee' Natural Kidney Stone Support
    Simply 'Bee' Natural Lip BalmSimply 'Bee' Natural Kid's Immune TonicSimply 'Bee' Natural Gravel Root/Bearberry/Nettle Combo

    As my customers say, the best lip balm on the market.  A great blend of herbs for cracked, dry, or windburned lips. 

    Herbal support for children and their immune health when it needs that extra*

    Herbal formula to support kidney health*